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Terms & Conditions For Custom Garments

We will be working together to make you a unique luxury garment. For this process to work well there are a few terms and conditions that you should take into consideration before commissioning a piece/ensemble from me. I want you to have an impeccable experience and a custom item that you are proud of and that fits both your design idea and body perfectly. If you do commission a piece from me it is understood that you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.

  • I do not offer a refund policy. Your commissioned garment is a bespoke piece that is made only for you.

  • Your garment will come with care instructions if these instructions are followed you should expect normal wear for your garment. You do not have a lifetime guarantee with my garments. I hope you will wear them well and with this in mind I will replace pre-manufacture items if they are faulty (but not if mistreated) for up to 1 year from purchase.

  • If your garment is highly embellished it is expected that it is special occasion wear and so if used more than this I will not repair any damage. If the is damage to embellishments with the garment worn as expected I will repair within the first year from date of purchase - return postage costs are to be met by yourself in this instance.

  • Garments/ensembles that require many hours of work must be commissioned well in advance of expected deadline - this is to ensure your handmade items are to a high standard of finish. For bridal or special occasion gowns expect to commission 6 months in advance; for corsets 3 months (this does not include postage times). Unfortunately if I am busy with other large commissions I may not be able to take your order, so if you can commission earlier you stand a better chance of having your deadline met. To meet deadlines I also expect a certain level of commitment from you; payments on time, toiles returned within set time frames, face-to-face consultation appointments not overly rearranged.

  • There will be an initial deposit of 20% of the estimate quote upon commission, this is before design work and further steps in the process take place. This deposit will be part of the final payment. This deposit is non-refundable once the design process has commenced. I will ensure you are happy to proceed at this stage. A further 50% deposit of the remaining balance will be payable after the first toile stage. This deposit is non-refundable; it will become part of the full balance. Should you make changes after the initial toile stage there will be additional costs - these are dependent on changes made. It is incredibly important that you are happy with your design and any alterations needed at/from your first fitting so please speak up if you are unsure about anything. I don't want you to have a bad experience so getting it right early on will make the process smooth and won't run additional costs. Settlement of the full balance is required before the garment is sent to you (this is fully cleared in account only). The garment will be photographed to ensure it is of the standard expected, photos will be sent to you so that you can agree that this is so. I highly recommend you have insured postage (however you can only insure garment element prices, not making costs)

  • There is no refund of deposits if you decide to cancel. If our agreed process schedule is not met (for instance return of measurements, return of toiles) I reserve the right to cancel the commission; any paid deposits will not be refunded

  • Please use my contact form or email to enquire about payment methods available to you. These are usually bank deposit if in New Zealand, Paypal for New Zealand and International

  • All toiles (including hardware in toiles), designs and patterns belong to Sakura Corsetry & Couture. I am happy to draw you up a copy of the design however if you would like it as a memento - there is no additional cost for this.

  • Correspondence is via email ( or by skype. If you are in a different country please be mindful of time differences. 

  • Any questions? please feel free to contact me via email

Please remember that we are embarking on a journey together that I hope will provide you with an excellent experience and a beautiful one-off creation. I take great pride in my work and aim to give you something that you will cherish. Please let me know at any stage if you have any concerns or worries or if you want additional little updates. I look forward to working with you.

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