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Corset Sewing Classes

This is a specialist class for beginners or those that have taken corset sewing classes with me before 

in the CBD of New Plymouth on Sunday afternoons. You will be fully supported in the advanced sewing skills required to make a professional standard corset.

Cutting on the Stand

This class includes how to pad a form/dressmakers dummy to your desired size and then how to make a basic pattern from draping fabric on the form to make a simple bodice or skirt. You will need a form that is smaller than required size (but not too small unless cutting a corset pattern), a decent amount of wadding, long pins, s few meters of stretch jersey and a few meters of calico (amount of calico is dependent on pattern you want to cut)

Make do & Mend

Learn how to make something new out of something old.

Sewing Bee

Drop in with bits you're stuck on when and as needed.

Standard Sewing Classes

Block booked classes where you work from commercial patterns of your own choice with help and guidance to make you a more confident sewer. 



Come in and finish those projects you haven't go around to. This is a social event where you can sit with like minded sewers and chat, have a cup of tea and work on whatever you want. There is minimal teaching in these events however I am with you for guidance and advice if needed. This is not a beginners class.

Corset Classes.

This will be an ongoing class with options of how long you want to book in for. A basic underbust corset can take between 20-30 hrs class time with some home time to complete. An over bust corset can take between 25-35 hrs class time with some home time to complete.

20 hrs class time cost is $350 per person, class size is limited to 4. Minimal booking is for 20 hrs. You will need to supply all materials for this class however as certain materials are used I can pre-purchase for you from a corset materials supplier with this cost being paid prior to order placed.

Please note it is expected that your sewing skills are intermediate to advanced to take corset classes and that you don’t feel too rusty with your sewing skills, also that you have a good understanding of how your sewing machine works.

My previous class included material, hardwear, customised pattern and laces and cost $535 NZD for 20 hrs class time. These future classes give you the option to source your own materials (some consultation may be required as there needs to be a stable heavy duty layer in a corset), use a previous pattern (you can commission a pattern if you don't have one for $50 NZD; the pattern is drafted to your measurements and is yours to keep and use however you want) and take the sew at your own pace.

What you will learn

  • How to fit and alter (as required) a premade corset pattern, including how to make a corset toile in calico (corset patterns are drafted prior to the course to measurements you provide, by Sakura Corsetry & Couture).

  • How to make up a corset 

  • How to make boning channels and use waist tape (and why).

  • How to put in a front opening busk (so that you can self-dress in a corset).

  • How to pick and use the best eyelets.

  • Preparing bones; what bones where and why.

  • How to bind/finish your corset.

  • How to lace and dress yourself in your corset.

Students need to provide sewing machine with standard foot and zip foot, gutterman thread, good quality machine needles (1 pack of new 80/12 universal schmetz brand preferred), scissors (thread and fabric), tailors chalk, pins, needles (general sewing kit), iron erasable fabric marking pens are very useful but not a must.

Please use the contact form on this site to enquire about booking on these classes and let me know if you would prefer an evening class or a Sunday afternoon class.

Cutting on the Stand classes will run as evening classes in 2 hr sessions, minimal book is for 10 hrs at $100 NZD (5 classes). All materials and form to be self supplied. This is a work at your own pace class and is limited to 4 in a class for plenty of one to one teach time.

As with all classes if you are interested please use the contact form on this site to let me know.

Make do and Mend classes will run as evening classes in 2 hr sessions with minimal book of 5 (10 hrs) classes at $100 NZD. All materials are to be self supplied; it is expected that you bring your own sewing machine. You can go crazy in this class and bring old clothes to modify.

Sewing Bee will run in 2 hr evening slots. This will be a pre paid amount and pre book when you want (kind of like a gym membership) there is a limit to class numbers so the pre book when you want to come is essential however you don't need to come each week for this and you will only be charged for when you come. You do have to use this facility within 4 months; any funds remaining on your account after this time will no longer be available. The fee for this is $100 NZD for 10 hrs or $200 NZD for 20 hrs (if you would like to use this more as a regular thing the standard sewing class would be a better option but we can arrange something)

Standard Sewing classes will run as evening classes 2 nights a week ( you can book 1 night per week or 2) with minimal booking for 10 hrs at $100 NZD. Limit is 4 per class. Sew at your own pace, supply own materials and sewing machine, learn to sew with standard dress patterns that you choose and supply.

Please note besides Sewing Bee all other classes are run in blocks (unless otherwise stated), are payable upfront and are non-refundable for classes that you miss.

Young Sewers this is a class for under 13 year old's who are beginners. We will start with a simple pattern and then when the basics have been covered we can progress to what you want to sew if you continue classes. Wednesday afternoons 2-4pm $100 for 5 two hour classes.

Teen Sewers for those 15 and above. If you're a beginner bring a simple pattern to start with. Wednesday early evening 6-8pm $100 for 5 two hour classes.

UFO's A sewing circle that is during the day twice a week. Sessions run for 2 hours but you can come for just 1 hour or to as much as you want. $10 per hour with minimal book of 5 hours (I plan for this to be on Monday and Thursday afternoons but am open to suggestions)

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